Why Fashion Matters To Me

For many people, the fashion industry is nothing more than the stereotypical glitz and glam that is shown in movies and television. For many, fashion is nothing more than an excuse to be materialistic or even narcissistic.

That is why I decided to write a different kind of post this time around, one that talks about some of the reasons I personally feel like fashion really does matter.

Be sure to comment below some of the reasons you agree or disagree on why fashion matters.

 For years, the fashion industry has been a multi-billion dollar industry. Whether you shop at high end, thrift store, or both, fashion is one of those few things that there is no right way to do things. Every person is (and should be) free to choose their own style and wear what they please.

Although there are those who will say that there is a right or wrong way to dressing up, the truth of the matter is that those are only their opinions. Who is there to say that there is an authority on fashion?

The opportunity of self expression is what makes fashion much more than what you buy from stores. It is all about choosing colors and fabrics that go together in order to express what you feel. And that is the best part. Being able to express yourself without really having to say anything.

In my own experience, I wasn’t the most outgoing of them all. That is why I love fashion, it gave me the outlet that I needed to be able to slowly come out of my own shell.

Whether you are a bohemian soul or prefer to wear all black, or a mix of every style, every person should wear their own style with confidence.

Apart from the creative outlet it offers, there are so many aspects of fashion that anyone can love. Whether you are more drawn to the visual concept side of things or the business side, in fashion there is something for everyone.

As fashion week approaches in New York , and later around the world, I think its important to celebrate not only the beauty of fashion but the amount of work that everyone involved puts into it.

And yes, I would agree that the fashion industry definitely has room for improvement in many aspects, primarily in its diversity. Currently, what you see in advertisements and on the runway is not a fair representation of everybody in society. To fix this, it is important that more of us voice in on the fashion industry.

All in all, like anything there is positives and negatives in fashion. But to me fashion will always be the place I feel more comfortable in.



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