Book Spotlight: Pride and Prejudice

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to introduce a new section of the blog entirely on books. Okay I’ll admit, I haven’t read as many book as I would like, but this is something I am planning on changing in the new year.

Reading is a simple and easy way to relax and escape reality and immerse yourself in a different time or place. Whether you like fiction or non-fiction, a period piece or a futuristic novel, there will always be something out there for you.

In this section I will highlight some of my personal favorites and those that were recommended to me in order for you to get a suggestion on what to pick up next.

The first book I will highlight is my all time favorite that I have read more times that I can count: Pride and Prejudice


Written by Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice appeals perfectly to those who will not define themselves based on society.

As summarized by Goodreads“In this historic romance, young Elizabeth Bennet strives for love, independence and honesty in the vapid high society of 19th century England.” 

One of the reasons I love this book from beginning to end is because it has two of my favorite things: a female lead that does not care what society tells her to do and a story of love.

Although set in a different time , I think the overall message of pursuing one’s own heart is something that can speak to any person in today’s world.

I also just love 19th century England.

So go ahead pick up a copy and enjoy badass Elizabeth Bennet defy the norms set for her time.

If you have any suggestions for a future book spotlight or you want to leave your own opinion about Pride and Prejudice , go ahead and leave a comment below or reach out to me on Instagram , Twitter or Facebook




One thought on “Book Spotlight: Pride and Prejudice

  1. says:

    One of my favorite authors. Two other authors were Louisa May Alcott author of Little Women and Mary Shelley author of Frankenstein. Jane Austen novels shows the difference in class society, and yes being independent which I love also. Mary Shelley wow I wrote a paper on her and the book for a college English class. Incredible imagination and to combine different themes all in one. Lastly Louisa May Alcott little women: mother raising four daughters while the father is in the civil war. All of these authors were strong in their own right,and the female characters reflect that.

    It’s been years since I have read a book, and it’s something that I should get back into. Great idea to create a blog about books.

    Thank you


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